Australian Print Symposiums

Australian Print Symposium

The Australian Print Symposiums have been held at the Australian National Gallery since 1987. Convened by Roger Butler, Senior Curator of Australian Prints and Drawings at the NGA, the Symposiums provide a forum to discuss prints and printmaking in the Australasian region. The papers, presented by artists, print curators and art historians are predominantly concerned with contemporary prints and printmaking practice.

The focus of the Australian Print Symposiums on the Australia, Asia, Pacific region makes this unique. Speakers representing Australia, Aboriginal Australia, Papua New Guinea, Aotearoa New Zealand, The Pacific islands and Singapore have participated while attendees have come from other countries in the region including Thailand, Korea, India, Japan and China. The papers presented during the symposiums (over 50 available on line) provide a wealth of information about prints and printmaking in the region.

The Symposiums are also social events. With over 250 attendees drawn together by their interest in prints and printmaking there is plenty of time for informal discussion and to view complimentary exhibitions held in other public institutions, print workshops and commercial galleries. The Symposium dinner is a highlight!