Printed Images Australia Pacific (PIAP)

This ambitious project aims to provide an online illustrated catalogue of all prints and books with illustrations produced in Australia; prints by expatriate Australians; and prints relating to Australia from pre-European settlement to the present. The catalogue will also cover similar works produced or relating to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

PIAP will use as its core the Australasian print collection of the National Gallery of Australia, the largest and most comprehensive in the country. Further information will come from our partners, including printmakers, print publishers, print workshops, print collectors, art museums, libraries and other collecting institutions.

The database is fully searchable through simple and advanced searches. The powerful advanced search allows one to search all physical attributes of the print, where and when it was produced, as well as offering a comprehensive subject index. PIAP provides related information on artists and other creators, exhibitions and bibliographic references.

This database is one of a new generation of such resources being developed across the world. The closest in structure and comprehensiveness is the British Printed Images to 1700, established in 2006.

PIAP has been developed as a service to all those interested in printed images, be they the general public, students, collectors, cultural historians, art museum or other professionals. This project is an access initiative of the Gordon Darling Australia Pacific Print Fund.


Peter Dowling

Peter Dowling was awarded his Doctor of Doctor of Philosophy from the National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University in 1997. His thesis, Chronicles of progress: The illustrated newspapers of colonial Australia, 1853-1896, Included as its appendix a subject index to wood-engraved illustrations in Australian Illustrated newspapers. Dr Peter Dowling has generously allowed this index to be in incorporated into Printed Images Australia Pacific.

Gregory Heath

Gregory Heath has long been interested in Australian prints, especially those artists that produced work between 1900 and 1970. His interviews and photographs are an invaluable resource.

Print Council of Australia

The Print Council of Australia was established as a national advocacy organisation for prints and printmaking in Australia in 1966  read more.

Gail Ross

Gail Ross was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts, in 2006. Her thesis, ‘New Zealand Prints 1900-1950: An Unseen Heritage’ included an extensive listing of New Zealand prints produced during this time. Dr Gail Ross has generously allowed these prints to be included in this Printed Images Australia Pacific.

Sebra Prints

Sebra Prints is a commercial gallery established in Melbourne in August 2003. Director Dafydd Davies has generously offered records from his database of works and images relating to Australia in support of this project.