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H.M. Lissauer: Oceanic Art, Ethnographica, Exotic Art. | LISSAUER, H.M.: OCEANIC ART, ETHNOGRAPHICA, EXOTIC ART.


Private dealer. Worked: Australia (VIC).

Indigenous arts

Habitat Gallery.

(1966 – after 1969)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (SA).

Hadley Gallery.

Private gallery. Located: Australia (TAS).

Hahndorf Gallery [1]


Commercial gallery (Stephen Heysen). Located: Australia (SA).

Paintings, prints

Hahndorf Gallery [2] | Hahndorf Academy Gallery

(by 1965)

Gallery. Worked: Australia (SA).

Hahndorf Gallery [2].

(by 1965)

Commercial gallery (Walter Wotzke). Located: Australia (SA).

Hakata Daimaru

Commercial gallery. Located: Japan.

Halmaag Galleries.

(by 1971)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Hamburg Chambers.

(by 1900)

Exhibition venue. Located: Australia (WA).

Hamilton Art Gallery | Hamilton City Art Gallery


Public art museum and gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Hamilton Design Glass Studio

(by 1985)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).


Hamilton Galleries.


Commercial gallery. Located: England.

Hanasho flower and art.

(active by 2018)

Exhibition. Located: Australia (QLD).

Handmark Gallery

(by 1985)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (TAS).

Craft / design objects, prints

Hans Heysen Studio


Artists studio gallery. Worked: Australia (SA).

Harbourfront Community Gallery

Gallery. Located: Canada.

Hardware Fine Art

(by March 2001)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Hardy Brothers Gallery.

(late 1961 – 1962)

Commercial Gallery. Located: Australia (QLD).

Hargraves Street Gallery.

(by 1997)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Harrington Street Gallery [Hobart]

(by 1979)

Commercial gallery (Peter & Heather Creet). Located: Australia (TAS).

Prints, Ceramics