Mrs Macquarie's Seat.

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Mrs Macquarie's Seat.


Earle, Augustus


Augustus Earle: Views in New South Wales, Sydney, 1825

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The long time Governor Macquarie held the reins of government in these Colonies, enabled him to project and execute a number of noble public works; indeed almost all the large buildings were erected during his residence here; and while he was so busily employed in the important improvements of the Colony, his Lady, with great judgment and taste, was laying out gardens and public promenades, and converting the country round Sydney, which was barren, rocky, and waste, to a beautiful and picturesque landscape.
It is to her the inhabitants of Sydney are indebted for that beautiful walk round the government domain, a romantic and circuitous path of some miles in extent, which ends at the rock represented in the drawing; she had it cut into a rude seat, and it is called after her name, and the inscription on it is to commemorate its completion.
The view is charming; from it, is seen the whole expanse of the Bay, and the entrance from the sea. It is the daily resort of all the fashionables of Sydney.

[Accompanying text, Augustus Earle: Views in New South Wales, Sydney, 1825.]