Domestic intelligence [Augustus Earle suceeds in making lithographs]

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Domestic intelligence [Augustus Earle suceeds in making lithographs]


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Sydney Monitor (Sydney)


11 August 1826, p.98, col.1

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11 August 1826


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Article outlines the history of lithography, the effots of Augustus Earle in Sydney, and his lithographic printof Bungaree.

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We are much gratified in being able to state, that Mr Earle, the Artist, has at length succeeded in producing several excellent specimens in Lithography. Among them, is a representation of the well-known Native Chief of Sydney, Bungaree, which, we understand, is intended for sale, and, as usual with Mr Earle, at a very low price. As a first attempt of the kind in the Colony, it has been dedicated to General Darling. The likeness is faithful and, considering the difficulties Mr Earle has had to contend with, great credit is due to that gentleman.

The beautiful Art of Lithography, was invented by Alvis Senefelder, a German, bred an Engraver, but too poor to follow his profession, he determined to put into practice, an idea he had conceived, that stone, by a peculiar process, might be made a substitute for copper. After many experiments, and considerable time had been expended, this meritorious man succeeded; thus acquiring the honour of having invented an Art, that promises, from the rapid progress it has already made, to supercede that of Engraving itself. We wish Mr Earle every success.

[Monitor (Sydney), 11 August 1826, p.98, col.1.]