Panoramic view of Melbourne. [by George Rowe].

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Panoramic view of Melbourne. [by George Rowe].


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Argus (Melbourne).


12 July 1858, page 5, column 7.

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12 July 1858


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PANORAMIC VIEW OF MELBOURNE. - A larger water-color drawing of this city, from the pencil of Mr. Rowe, is now being exhibited and challenges attention on account of the general fidelity of the picture and the comprehensiveness of Its range. The point of view selected is from the rear of the new Observatory, and while the northerly extremity of Carlton-gardens forms the boundary of the prospect in one direction, it extends beyond the Gasworks on the other. Most of the public buildings in the city form prominent objects in the picture, and the artist has availed himself of a poetic licence to introduce, as completed, according to the approved designs, the now Houses of Parliament, the Public Library, and the Wesleyan Church in Lonsdale-street. The Bay and the distant ranges of mountains, the woody knoll of Jolimont and St. Kilda have been successfully treated, and a good deal of skill has been displayed in arranging the objects which break up an otherwise unpicturesque and impracticable foreground. Though bright in color, the picture is deficient in warmth; which is about the only fault that can be alleged against it. In other respects it is highly creditable to the skill and patient industry of the artist. It is intended, we believe, to execute an engraving of it in chromo'lithography, which, if successful, will constitute an interesting pictorial record of the general aspect of the metropolis of Victoria, in the year 1858. The Argus(Melbourne), 12 July 1858, p.5, col.7.