The boat, Sydney Harbour. [by Margaret Preston].

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The boat, Sydney Harbour. [by Margaret Preston].


Butler, Roger.


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The boat, Sydney Harbour.

The prints by Margaret Preston, Butler (1987), 11-18, can all be dated to 1920. In each case the image measures approximately 21.5 x 27.5 cm. All are printed on thin Japanese tissue paper and with the exception of no. 12, are lightly hand-coloured.

Two of these prints have been seen in their original thin black frames; the paper is trimmed to the image, and there is no mount. The framing is based on the style used to frame Japanese prints at the time.

Impressions of these prints were later exhibited in Adelaide (1926). They were printed on larger sheets of paper and framed in mounts.

The prints are decorative, and most relate to the Mosman area where Preston lived. A report in the Evening News of 18 August 1920 stated that Preston “believes that there is a great future for this class of work for the decoration of flats. She has already started upon a series for a dado for her pretty flat in Mosman.”

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