Wienholt, Anne.

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Wienholt, Anne.


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Anne Wienholt

Anne Wienholt was born in Sydney in 1920. She studied at the East Sydney Technical College from 1938 to 1941 where her principal teachers were Frank Medworth, an Englishman well versed in printmaking and the Australian artist William Dobell. It was during her studies in Sydney that Wienholt tentatively experimented in etching.

In 1944 Wienholt won the NSW Travelling Art Scholarship. As Paris, her first choice of destination, was still occupied by German troops, and London was still being bombed, she travelled instead to the USA.

In New York she studied at the Art Students League under the Japanese emigrant artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi. Later she worked at William Hayter's Atelier 17 which was located in the USA during the German occupation of Paris. It was here that Wienholt produced most of her printed work.

After the War, in 1947, Wienholt visited Europe and on her return to the United States continued her the Brooklyn Museum Art School with Rufino Tamayo.

The following year Wienholt married (Takashige (1949-68), Mrs Masato) and her art career was temporarily halted while she brought up three daughters.

Wienholt now lives in San Francisco. She visits Australia regularly where she primarily exhibits small bronze sculptures.

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