2019 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards.

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2019 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards.


Geelong Art Gallery. (20 September 2019 – 24 November 2019)




Multi-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (VIC). Prints.


This acquisitive prize and exhibition has been conducted by the Gallery since 1996. 36 works by 37 leading and emerging Australian artists have been shortlisted for the 2019 Geelong acquisitive print awards.⁠ Showcasing diverse contemporary Australian printmaking practice, the acquisitive awards and biennial exhibition will feature works by Alison Alder, Rosalind Atkins, GW Bot, Susanna Castleden, Tony Coleing, Christine Courcier-Jones, Marian Crawford, Phil Day, Marieke Dench, Clive Dickson, Dianne Fogwell, Graham Fransella, David Frazer, Silvi Glattauer, Jackie Gorring, Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, Rew Hanks, Kyoko Imazu, Locust Jones, Martin King, Barbie Kjar, Steve Lopes, Tim Maguire, Marion Manifold, Jordan Marani, Laith McGregor, Glenn Morgan, Stieg Persson, Brian Robinson, Teho Ropeyarn, Jonas Ropponen, John Ryrie, Heather Shimmen, Ruth Stanton, Anne Starling, and Joel Wolter.⁠ An exhibition of selected prints will be held at the Gallery from 20 September to 24 November 2019, from which the following prizes will be awarded: — the Geelong acquisitive print award of $5,000 — the Ursula Hoff Institute award (acquisitive) of $5,000 — a 5–day printmaking residency at Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop The prize-winning prints will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 19 September 2019 and will become the property of the Gallery upon payment of the prize money (of $5,000 and $5,000 respectively) to the winning entrants. [Gallery publicity]