Easy listening: New work by UK Frederick.

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Easy listening: New work by UK Frederick.


Megalo Print Studio + Gallery [Watson]. (1 August 2010 – 28 August 2010)




Single-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (ACT). Prints, Photographs

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Easy Listening is a collection of artworks that explores the materiality of music and the intangible impressions that songs leave within us.

Salvaged from the vinyl graveyards of St Vinnie’s stores and the rattling glovebox of the artist’s car these tapes and records have been reanimated into prints and photograms, as sights rather than sounds of music. I’ve tried to embody in these artworks the sensory quality that music holds, its ability to evoke memories and feelings within the listener, to transport you through sound to another time and place. Because of this, the song selection is an important part of the practice, and these particular tunes were chosen because they are personal favorites or because of their iconic status in our society.

Both of the processes used, intaglio and photogram, allow me to capture the trace of the song as an object. So that when we view the works, not only do we see the path of grooves of the factory-pressed record, but we see the history of every time that it was played. In this way we encounter something that is both areflection of the mass-manufactured and something that has been individually transformed.

The works in this show reflect broader interests in retrieving meaning from forgotten things. Yes, these technologies, on the brink of obsolescence were discarded, but before that they were loved, and they made us sing. [Megalo media]