Spowers, Ethel.

Spowers, Ethel. | ELS. | Spowers, Ethel Louise.

(1890–1947) Australian | Female

Worked: Australia (VIC), England. Linocuts, Woodcuts, Wood-engravings

Artist (painter) | Author | Drawer | Illustrator | Printmaker


Josef Lebovic Gallery [4].

(1987 – 2010)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Old and Rare Etchings and Engravings

Joshua McClelland Print Room [4].

(18 June 2010)

Commercial gallery (Joan McClelland). Located: Australia (VIC).

Australian paintings and prints

McClelland [Art] Gallery | Harry McClelland Art Gallery and Cultural Hall.


Public gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Modern Art Centre

(1931 – 1933)

Commercial gallery (Dorritt Black). Located: Australia (NSW).

Contemporary Australian painting, sculpture and prints

National Gallery Of Canada


Public art museum and gallery. Located: Canada.

National Gallery Of Victoria [1].

(1869 – August 1968)

Public Gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

New Gallery [Melbourne]. | New Gallery, The

(1924 – 1930s?)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Newcastle Region Art Gallery


Public gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Redfern Gallery.


Commercial gallery. Located: England.

Sydney Buildings

(by 1929)

exhibition venue. Located: Australia (ACT).

UQ Art Gallery | University Art Gallery [1] | University Art Museum. | University of Queensland. University Art Museum..

(1976 – 2003)

Education institution gallery. Located; Australia (QLD).

Victorian Artists Society Galleries | Victorian Artists Society Gallery | VAS Galleries


Artists organisation gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Victorian College Of The Arts Gallery


Education institution gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Ward Gallery.

(established by 1930s)

Commercial gallery. Located: England.