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Birth date

14 March 2009

Birth place

55-65 Greenslopes Street Edge Hill, Cairns, Queensland, Australia View on map Close map

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Located: Australia (QLD).





Fine art printmaking studio.

Djumbunji Press opened in March 2009, providing major cultural infrastructure for Cairns and Far North Queensland. With extensive printmaking facilities and experienced staff, Djumbunji Press offers artists across Far North Queensland the opportunity to develop their skills in printmaking to create new works of art.

Djumbunji Press is funded by Arts Queensland through its Backing Indigenous Arts Program, a program aimed at bringing skills and recognition to more Torres Strait and Aboriginal artists, and supported by James Cook University, through the provision of the studio building. The facility was a long fought for initiative of KickArts Contemporary Arts to establish a fine art printmaking facility for artists in Tropical North Queensland.

‘Djumbunji’ is a traditional word of the Gimuy Yidinji people, which means ‘belongs to scorpion place’ and honours the location of the printmaking studio in the area of Bunda Djumbunji (Scorpion Mountain), the traditional name for the Whitfield Mountain range.

Djumbjunji Press activities include: workshops from beginners to master classes in the studio and in remote communities; an open access studio for artists to print their own work; commissioning of new works; and an Artist In Residence program.

To date, Djumbunji Press has published more than 150 fine art print works. Djumbunji Press prints are represented in the collections of the Queensland Art Gallery, National Gallery of Australia, State Library of Queensland, Parliamanet House Art Collection in Canberra and numerous regional galleries, departmental and private collections.

[courtesy of Djumbunji Press, KickArts Fine Arts Printmaking, 25 August 2010]