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W.I.N.D.O.W. Gallery.


Gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

W.S. Moore Antiques.


Commercial gallery. Located Australia (QLD).

Art, antiques, opal, gems

Waddington Gallery

Commercial gallery. Located: England.

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery [1].

(1964 – 1975)

Public gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery [3] | Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery


Public gallery. Located; Australia (NSW).

Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery [2]

(1975 – 1999)

Public gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Wagga Wagga Council Chambers.

(by 1951)

Exhibition venue. Located: Australia (NSW).

Wagner Art Gallery.


Commercial gallery (Shirley J. Wagner).

Located: Australia (NSW)

Waikato Art Museum

Public gallery. Located: New Zealand.

Walk Gallery.

(by 1960s?)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Walkabout Gallery.

(by 2003)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Indigenous art

Walker Art Gallery


Public gallery. Located: England.

Walker Street Gallery & Arts Centre.

(by 2018)

Public art gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre.


Public gallery and cultural centre. Located: Australia (NSW).

Walter Nicholls Memorial Gallery

(by 2002)

Art gallery. Located: Australia (SA).

Waltons Gallery.


Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).