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MPAC Prints


Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre (3 November 1978 – 4 December 1978)




Multi-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (VIC). Prints.


Room brochure. MPAC Gallery Society newsletter.


Exhibition No. 76

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Ten years ago the number of Australian painters, sculptors & graphic artists substantially involved in making etchings, lithographs or screen-prints was negligible. Now virtually every art school has its department of print-making, the Print Council of Australia is a vital organisation and nearly all leading artists are producing prints. Printmaking has become in effect a forum for the visual arts. For the public the great value of printmaking is that it makes original works available at low costs. It appeals to small regional galleries for the same reason. MPAC Prints 1974 and 1976 yielded some fine works to the MPAC collections. With 88 entries to choose from the 1978 exhibition promises to be no less rewarding.

A, Mc-C. 1978 [ gallery media 1978].