Environments: The printmaking summer residency exhibition 2009.

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Environments: The printmaking summer residency exhibition 2009.


RMIT Project Space/Spare Room. (20 November 2009 – 18 December 2009)




Multi-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (VIC). Prints.


Stephen Gallagher and Andrew Tetzlaff



Country of context



Sinn des Seins

Temporal and unknown, ever-changing and shifting without control is the urban environment in which we inhabit. It is where we dwell and linger that makes us who we are. It is through our environment that we are defined. As artists the work we produce is a tangible reflection of our absorbed experiences; a record of our own mortality, anxiety, temporality, and history; a map of our digested habitat.

Environment invites seven artists to interpret their immediate surroundings, to adopt and adapt elements from their phenomenological and cultural locations and create, in their work, an all-together new habitat. In this construction is a tacit acknowledgement of being's critical importance to our understanding of the world. "Being is not something like a being." instead, it is "what determines beings as beings, that in terms of which beings are already understood."1

In being we position ourselves and create our own reality. Environment is an exploration into this process of creation and the impact appropriation and interpretation have on the construction of a place.

1. Heidegger, Martin, Sein und Zeit [Being and Time] (pp. 4, 6). In F. W. von Hermann (ed), Gesamtausgabe, vol. 2, 1977, XIV, 586p.

by Stephen Gallagher and Andrew Tetzlaff [gallery media, 2009].