Eolo Paul Bottaro: Composing pigments from Naples.

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Eolo Paul Bottaro: Composing pigments from Naples.


James Makin Gallery [1]. (15 June 2006 – 8 July 2006)




Single-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (VIC). Paintings, Drawings, Prints

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Eolo Paul Bottaro’s work contains a level of compositional and narrative complexity that is genuinely unique in contemporary realist painting. Whether in Melbourne’s urban surrounds, the artist’s studio, or transposed into an allegorical setting, the figures that populate his work are painted with a heightened clarity. Individual hairs, blemishes, and folds of clothing receive equal attention in the artist’s sensitive depictions of the human form. Recently Bottaro’s technical virtuosity received attention as this years Metro 5 People’s Choice Award winner. [Gallery media, 2006].