Bank-note engraving [letter and sample by William Gould.]

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Bank-note engraving [letter and sample by William Gould.]


Gould, William


Argus (Melbourne).


8 May 1856, p.6, col.1.

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8 May 1856





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To the Editor of the Argus.
Sir, - I beg to call your attention to the enclosed specimen of engraving in which art the hank-note is the acknowledged test of excellence in any country wherein it is produced. As an engraver in Victoria, I should he loth that the credit of the profession should rest upon such a production as the notes of the new bank. I took no part in the correspondence published by other engravers upon the subject, as I imagined the Inferiority and failure of the Bank of Victoria notes complained of would in this case be improved upon. They are better, but they do not represent the industrial progress of this colony, and as they are the representatives of twenty shillings and upwards the public have a right to the best specimen of engraving to he obtained.

The new bank-note I consider very third late in design and execution,and a caricature on the gold-digger. And to show that we are worthy of better things I have taken the time and trouble to engrave a "model note," which I shall be glad to furnish any one with who may feel interested in the advancement of the fine arts in this colony.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
WILLM. GOULD. Engraving and Printing Office,
111 Russell-street. Melbourne,
May 3rd, 1856.

[Mr. Gould has enclosed a specimen ot his "model note," which is certainly one of the most artistically-conceived and beautifully executed engravings of the kind which have yet made their appearance in the colony, and is equal in design and finish to snme of the best productions which have issued from the burins of English engravers.-Ed. A.]

[Argus (Melbourne), 8 May 1856, p.6, col.1.]