Machine for composing and distributing type

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Machine for composing and distributing type


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Illustrated Melbourne News, 9 January 1858, p.18, col.2.

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9 January 1858





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MACHINE FOR COMPOSING AND DISTRIBUTING TYPE. – In July last, the specification of a machine for these purposes was filed at the English Patent Office. It is, we believe, an American invention, the patent having been taken out in the name of a gentleman from New York. This machine is said to be very ingenious, and is, of course, very complicated. The portion intended for distributing the type is automatic, performing its part of the work without the guidance of an attendant. The setting of the type requires thought, and must be regulated by the human intellect. The two parts of the machine are so far independent as to allow of being worked separately, or both may be in action at the same time. A machine to perform such delicate manipulation must necessarily be intricate and expensive, and require to be very carefully used. The specification describing it is one of the longest ever enrolled, containing as many as 350 folios; and this alone will give an idea of how complicated the combinations must be. Some of the spinning machinery, patented at different times, had to be described at great length, but this type-setting machine appears to be pre-eminent in this respect. The accompanying drawings are also very elaborate.

[Illustrated Melbourne News, 9 January 1858, p.18, col.2.]